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The Barn Teen Center

Most commonly referred to as “The Barn”, this venue is owned and operated by the Town of Ridgefield, the Barn serves as a local teen center that engages kids from ages 13-17 in a variety of after school activities. The Barn is located at 10 Governor Street (in the Veterans Park Elementary School parking lot).

The Barn Teen Center has been available to all Ridgefield teens free of charge for 18 years. It serves as a second home for many, where high schoolers gather with friends and engage in unstructured activities, such as pool, arcade or video games, cooking, drawing, participating in Magic Card and Yu Gi OH tournaments, Friday night Rock Houses, Open Mic nights, and Lock-ins. Director Linda Caponetti describes the teen center as a “safe, fun, and comfortable haven for our teens.”

The Youth Commission renovated interior of The Barn during the fall of 2011. Check out pictures of the renovation on our Facebook site, here.

The Barn is open to all high school students. Hours are as follows:

      Wednesday 2-6PM
      Friday 2-10PM
      Saturday 2-6PM